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What’s Included in a Full Car Service?

A full service will include fluid level checks and/or changes depending on the system. Hydraulic fluid (i.e. brake fluid) is hydroscopic (attracts and absorbs water) and should be changed at regular intervals. We advise to get a full service every 2 years.

Water in hydraulic fluid has the potential to corrode the system from the inside with predictable results. Coolant is another critical fluid to a car’s performance and engine longevity. Coolant degrades over time and loses its ability to inhibit corrosion inside the engine and also its cooling efficiency.

Further Benefits of a Full Car Service

A full service will pick up any potential cooling system problems, including leaks from the radiator, cap, water pump, cylinder head or gasket and hoses.

A full service will also among other things, tell you the condition of the brakes, tyres, steering, suspension, as well as detect oil leaks of any sort and exhaust leaks or corrosion.

The best thing, apart from having a fully functional, safe car is that with a complete service history, the car will be worth more when you sell it.


Thanks to recent changes in European Union (Block Exemption) legislation, you can now get maximum value-for-money car servicing from a top quality local independent garage, without the fear of invalidating your vehicle warranty. Why pay main dealer rates when you don’t have to?


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